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About Alumni


Alumni associations exist to support the parent organization’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization.
The association is registered by the ex- students of the school with the following attributes:-

  1. To motivate and engage alumni.
  2. To work for alma-mater.
  3. To publicize the alma-mater for the growth of the institution.
  4. To indulge in social service along with the present students of alma-mater.
  5. To propagate the rich tradition of alma-mater.

Annual meetings are proposed for the members to meet in the school premises which can be redesigned as per the convenience of the members in the form of:

  1. Social gatherings
  2. Social Service
  3. Annual Sports of school
  4. Annual Day of School
  5. Investiture Ceremony
  6. Founder's Day


  1. The alumni can communicate for meetings and get together through mails, mobile, whatsapp, face book, newsletters and other social networking sites
  2. Alumni directory can be maintained by the members to keep in touch with all the members and add new.


  1. The functioning and funding of the association can be maintained by the members themselves.
  2. The funds can be raised by the annual dues and donations provided by the members for the association exclusively.
  3. The association may also sponsor scholarships for the students.